Restorative and Maintenance-Based Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Cleaning: Remove Soil, Stains, Allergens and Bacteria From Your Workspace!

In any office there is bound to be a lot of foot traffic. And with that comes some serious dirt and dull-looking carpets.  Just think for a moment about all the different places your employees and clients walk before entering your doors!  

Professional carpet cleaning on a regular basis will help ensure a hygienic workspace and a healthy, more productive workforce.  

Our Carpet Cleaning Methods

Clean Building Maintenance uses two proven methods of carpet cleaning to keep your office clean: Hot water extraction and Bonnet Cleaning

Hot water extraction (a.k.a. "steam cleaning") is the most effective method to clean and maintain your carpets.  Our powerful, truck-mounted units ensure that your carpets are getting the deepest clean by extracting as much water and dirt as possible.  The deep cleaning starts as hot water and diluted cleaning agents are thrust into the carpet under high pressure to free the soil, stains and allergens.  At the same time, a powerful vacuum removes the hot water, dirt and stains to leave your carpet looking fresh and new.  

The Bonnet carpet cleaning method uses minimum amounts of water to get your carpets clean.  There are three simple steps in using this method.  First, we use a simple detergent solution is sprayed on the carpet to loosen and absorb the dirt, stains and grime in the carpet fibers.  Then we take a rotary machine with an attached moistened cotton or rayon pad that further loosens the soil.  And finally, we vacuum to remove any of the dried dirt or soil. This is just another tried and true method that Clean Building Maintenance can use in your workspace.  

Whatever method we use, the high-traffic areas of your office are always kept clean, hygienic and spot-free. In addition, on a regular basis all the carpets are deep cleaned to give your carpets the longest life possible.

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