We Offer GREEN Cleaning Products & Services


We Can Clean Green! 

Here at Clean Building Maintenance we understand the need to preserve our environment and look out for the well-being of our staff and yours.  Use of harsh cleaning chemicals cannot only pollute our environment, it can negatively affect one's health and thus, affect the productivity of your staff.   More and more, our clients are choosing to look seriously at our green cleaning service. 

Our Certification

Clean Building Maintenance is  proud to be a Certified Monterey Bay Area Green Business.  We aim to use Green Seal Certified janitorial products when possible and any product or substitute method that avoids harsh chemicals.  We also use 40% post consumer waste products, biodegradable bags and try to reduce waste and recycle whenever or wherever possible.  For more information on this certification, please visit www.montereygreenbusiness.org 

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Is green cleaning as effective as the traditional cleaning services?  

A: It's a bit of a balancing act.  While those harsh cleansers can kill all kinds of bacteria & viruses on contact, they also pose the issue of contaminating the office environment.  We do everything we can to create the most hygienic environment possible, using the latest products and green cleaning techniques. 

Q:  Is green cleaning cost effective? 

A:  There is a little more cost to green cleaning, as cleaning products and post consumer waste products can be more expensive.  Also, there is more time required by our staff as more 'elbow grease' is required when not using the very abrasive chemical cleaners.  But think how much you'll save by having happy employees that are healthy and not subjected to certain chemicals. 

Q: Why does green cleaning not seem as clean as traditional cleaning methods?

A:  The ingredients in chemical cleaners are made to leave that perfect shine or leave that perfume scent.  The all-natural products on the other hand are made to protect the individual and environment first, so there's a limit to how many additives are in them.  Just know, when Clean Building Maintenance is on the job, your office will be spic 'n' span.  

If you'd like to learn more about our green cleaning services, call us at (831) 423-5515!