Clean Building Maintenance Co. History


The Original Owners--The American Dream Part 1

Way back in 1959 when the workers at a factory in San Leandro, California could not come to an agreement with the local union, management began to close the doors of each department, one by one.  As each door was closed, one of the assembly managers, Brad Agrella, took it upon himself to clean out each department.  When the factory finally closed for good, Brad found himself without a job, but also with a golden opportunity. He knew that there were many companies that could use the kind of cleaning services he was providing at the factory. Shortly thereafter, Clean Building Maintenance Co. was born -- a professional cleaning service for local companies in and around San Leandro.  

Some years later after some success, a second office was opened in Santa Cruz to offer the same professional services and to expand services into work with vehicle maintenance shops and consultative work for equipment reliability including nuclear power plants.   Eventually, Clean Building Maintenance Co. was passed on to Brads two sons, with one taking over San Leandro and the other taking over Santa Cruz.  While the other son eventually chose to close the San Leandro office, the Santa Cruz office continued to grow under the management of Gordon Agrella, with numerous clients and many employees.  

The Story of the New Owners in Santa Cruz--The American Dream Part 2

In 1984, a young, hard-working Sixto Alvarez came to Santa Cruz, California from Mexico looking for work.  He loved the physical work he had done as a cattle herder back in Mexico, but settled for a job as a janitor to make ends meet.  After some time, Sixto grew tired of the less physical janitorial work and asked owner Gordon Agrella for something more physically challenging. Soon after, he began doing industrial carpet cleaning and floor waxing with heavy machinery.  Sixto quickly became a reliable and trustworthy employee and was promoted to a managerial role.  

In 2001, after 17 years with the company, Sixto joined Gordon as part owner of Clean Building Maintenance Co.  In 2005, when Gordon wanted to retire, Sixto bought out his share of the company, and began the next phase of Clean Building Maintenance Co.  Sixto had every intention of keeping this as a family business and is now joined by his son Jose Alvarez who acts as the operations manager and his daughter Daisy Alvarez who works as the office manager.  

With such a long family history, first with the Agrella’s and now the Alvarez's, your company can be assured of a service that is delivered proudly, efficiently and effectively.  

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