We Provide a Wide Range Of Services!


Here's a Sampling of Some of the Places We Serve:


For over 50 years, Clean Building Maintenance has cleaned and maintained office spaces.  We vacuum carpets, wipe down hard surfaces, dust equipment and make sure your office lavoratories are sparkling.  A clean working environment is a productive working environment.  

Retail Spaces & Showrooms

When customers walk into a clean store or showroom, they are more likely to feel comfortable and more likely to be in the buying mode.  We will make your sales floor shine, remove fingerprints off glass and windows and keep baseboards and window sills free of dust.  

Fitness Centers

Exercise rooms and locker rooms need to be kept very clean and hygienic.We disinfect steam rooms, saunas,  tile floors, showers, lockers and workout equipment so your members can enjoy their exercise without having to worry about germs and bacteria.  

Home Owners Associations

We will be your partner in real estate by keeping the common areas of your condominium or single family home complex shared areas clean and welcoming to prospective buyers. This includes the upkeep of laundry facilities, pool areas, theatres, shared workout / gym areas and club houses. We can come in and clean the property before the common areas are used by residents and guests.

Medical Offices

We use disinfectants that are hospital-grade and clean all surface areas that people come into contact with such as handles on doors, countertops, equipment, sink fixtures and drinking fountains. We understand that it's of utmost importance to keep a hospital as germ-free as possible due to patients with low immune system function. Our equipment is specially tailored to hospitals – we will not mix or cross-contaminate in different areas of your facility.

Churches & Community Centers

Oftentimes churches and community centers serve as multi-use buildings to offer a local community a wide range of services and gatherings throughout the week. And oftentimes, an event hall or church must be cleaned after a big function or service. We can be there on an as-needed basis to clean your church or community center to keep it clean and sparkling to welcome guests for each new event!  


From carpet cleaning in the kindergarten classroom to waxing a gymnasium floor, we do it all! Schools have a wide variety of needs. Even if you already happen to have a janitor on staff, keep us in mind for one-off projects that require us to be there on off-hours or use equipment that the school may not have on-hand.

High-Tech Firms

High-tech firms are the pride of Silicon Valley's economy. We take our role of helping increase employees' productivity very seriously. In addition to cleaning your cubicles and kitchen area, we are OSHA compliant. We can treat your floors with anti-static finish, buff them and burnish them when necessary as well as clean your clean room areas.

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